Casey out at Raven

Ryan Casey, the man who started the Draft Brendan Johnson movement, is no longer with Raven Industries, where he’d been a military analyst for the company the last few years. Casey told me via email that he resigned.

He is also the chair of the Lincoln County Democrats, and he said he’s working on a “pet project on the political front.” And he anticipates flying more with his Naval reserve squadron.

Potentially, there’s a lot going on here. And the conspiracies are bound to get revved up. Casey told my colleague, David Montgomery, last month that he never talked to Stephanie Herseth Sandlin before launching the Draft Brendan movement. Herseth Sandlin has been general council there for several months. And, given her status as the senior Democrat in the state, it might have been nice to consult her first.

There had to have been some awkwardness there at Raven, and maybe that led to Casey’s departure.

Or, there’s a chance that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee got involved. The DSCC is ruthless at instilling order in its races, something the Republicans fail to do, which is why the GOP nominates so many kooks and ghouls. Herseth Sandlin was, and is, the DSCC’s preferred candidate. Meanwhile, Casey was the public face whipping up support for Johnson, a “progressive” for progressive Democrats. At the same time this was happening, the progressives were scorning Herseth Sandlin.

Raven gets a lot of revenue from federal contracts. It’s conceivable that Casey angered some powerful people in Washington. I’ll let your imagination roam from there.

Or, maybe all of this is a coincidence, and the job was a drag, so Casey decided to move on.

I’m pretty confident about this, however. We haven’t seen the last of Ryan Casey. He is a bright light on the horizon for Democrats. He’s only 34 and he’s got a political future (His father, Dick Casey, who is thought of as one of the smartest lawyers around, lost to Herseth Sandlin in the 2002 primary).

Montgomery asked him about his future last week. Here’s what he said:

"I’m certainly interested in public service and have long been interested in politics. You can’t help but be when you’re in the miltiary, and there’s things like wars happening. You feel very touched by public policy. It’s definitely been something that’s been important

"I don’t know that I’m considering anything in the real near term, but it’s definitely something I’ve thought about and may very well be interested in the future"

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