Willard mounting appeal on robocallgate

In a post on his blog Political Smokeout last night, the Argus Leader's David Montgomery speculated that Daniel Willard, who was convicted by a Lake County jury yesterday of four misdemeanor campaign finance violations, is angling for an appeal to the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Montgomery nailed it.

R. Shawn Tornow, Willard’s attorney, sent me the following statement:

In response to your question about the potential for appeal of this week’s trial proceedings in Lake County, please note that my client has directed me to take the initial steps to immediately move forward with his desire to appeal his case to the state Supreme Court. As such, Mr. Willard anxiously looks forward to following through with his right to seek judicial review of his case by and through his pending appeal proceedings.

So, as Montgomery notes, Willard may challenge the state’s campaign finance laws based on a claim that they violated his right to free speech.

Stay tuned.