EB-5 scandal goes political

A top Democratic official on Monday demanded that Attorney General Marty Jackley recuse himself from an ongoing investigation into the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Zach Crago, the party’s executive director, said Jackley has a conflict of interest because he was appointed to the seat by former Gov. Mike Rounds. Jackley has stated that he is investigating activity at GOED that occurred during the Rounds administration, but he said Rounds is not part of the investigation.

Crago said it was wrong for Jackley to publicly say that Rounds wasn’t a subject of the investigation before that investigation had been completed.

“Clearly, Jackley’s ties to his political patron and benefactor present conflicts of interest that preclude Jackley from fairly investigating financial misconduct at the GOED,” Crago said in a release.

It looks Democrats are going to use the EB-5 issue to score political points.