Dems deny doing what they’re doing, and should be doing

Yesterday’s post on state Democrats calling on Attorney General Marty Jackley to recuse himself from investigating financial improprieties with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development didn’t sit well with some Democrats. Or more specifically, the final line of the post in which I said they would be using the issue to score political points.

OK, let’s address that.

The Democratic Party is, get this, a political party. That political party sent out a press release yesterday asking Jackley to step back from the investigation. They say that because Jackley was appointed to the post by former Gov. Mike Rounds, that he has a conflict in investigating alleged misconduct that occurred during the Rounds administration. The same press release attempted to link both Rounds and Gov. Dennis Daugaard to the ongoing EB-5 investigation.

Now, nobody with a straight face can sit there and tell me the Democrats aren’t trying to score political points.

And get this: They SHOULD be using the issue to score political points.They would be negligent not to exploit this opportunity — just like national Republicans are exploiting — scoring political points — the Obamacare disaster. This is an opportunity for Democrats to tarnish Rounds as he prepares to run for Senate. It’s also a chance to possibly loop Jackley and Daugaard into the scandal as they face re-election next year.

In other words, the Democrats are doing their job right now. They are, as we noted above, a political party. Political parties are in the business of scoring political points.

But apparently, you’re not supposed to point that out.