UPDATED: Adelstein makes surprise resignation

A longtime state lawmaker from Rapid City announced his resignation from the state Senate today following complications from hip replacement surgery.

Stan Adelstein had hip surgery on Oct. 4, according to a release announcing his retirement. Because of complications and infections, he’s had to undergo additional surgeries, and because he won’t be 100 percent by the time the legislative session starts next month, he decided to resign.

Adelstein, 82, first won a seat in the state House in 2000. He considered himself a mainstream Republican and often clashed with more conservative factions of GOP. He also called on the Legislature to impeach Secretary of State Jason Gant.

In a letter to Gov. Dennis Daugaard announcing his resignation, Adelstein said he hoped Daugaard would choose a replacement from “the mainstream of Republican thinking.”

I know that you have many capable people from whom to choose your appointment to fill out the remainder of my term.  I hope that you will select someone who represents the mainstream of Republican thinking, someone who is devoted to improving our schools and universities, and someone who is committed to protecting the civil liberties of all Americans.

Can a replacement be found in time for the start of the legislative session? Tony Venhuizen, the governor’s director of policy and communications, said this:

We certainly hope to have a replacement named before session, but obviously it will be pretty short notice for whomever is appointed.