Details on the Walmart poll

Here’s more on the poll that Sioux Falls residents have been taking. Information provided by someone who took it last night.

She says the call came in on her parents’ land line, and the pollster asked to speak to the “youngest female in the household who was a registered voter.”

"I found it oddly specific," she said. The poll was 15-20 minutes long.

Here are questions/observations, as she remembers them:

—Whether I’m likely to vote in the 2014 city election; what issues are most important to me (economic development, jobs, housing, etc)

—Do you believe Sioux Falls is moving in the right direction?

—Does Sioux Falls offer enough shopping choices?

—Asked if I had a favorable/unfavorable opinion of a bunch of different groups/people. Included Target, Walmart, HyVee, a labor union, Huether, Jamison, City Council, Save our Neighborhood

—Do you support the proposal to build a Walmart at 85th and Minnesota?

—Listed various statements by supporters and opponents of Walmart and asked if I disagreed/agreed with each statement.

—Asked how likely I shop at Walmart and if I was likely to shop there in the future.

—Asked an open ended question about my support for Walmart (give two reasons why you support this proposal)

—Do you think it’s a waste of taxpayer dollar and time to vote on an issue that’s already been decided by the City Council?

—How important is this issue to you as you consider who to vote for in the 2014 election?

 It was sponsored by Voter Consumer Research and fairly repetitive. The pollster also kept mispronouncing Huether, so that’d probably be a disappointment if he sponsored the poll. 

Voter Consumer Research is a company based in Houston. Here’s a link.